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Originally Posted by Him
I have seen no evidence of that at all

He looks weak, can run/drive but his driving ability is useless against quick athletic big men in the nba.

I am not saying he could defend shaq or duncan or any other good inside player in the nba, but he is used to defending inside. He defended Dalibor Bagaric (7'1/250?) in the Italian playoffs and did really well.

What I'm saying is that comparing him as a prospect to Skita or Dirk is not sensible. He could become a player like Dirk, but they have very different starting points for their nba careers. And comparing him to SKita is simply stupid.

Despite Bargnani's ability to move well, he has a strong body, unlike Skita or pre-nba Dirk. I was originally replying to a comment that Bargnani reminds them, and expressed my opinion that comparing him to young Pau Gasol makes much more sense.

I wouldn't draft Bargnani with the first pick, and I am not saying he is the best proscpect of this draft. All I am saying is that people who compare him as a draft prospect to someone like Skita or Darko probably base their opinions only to the fact that all three of them are tall and from europe.
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