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Default Re: 18 game schedule?!?! What does ISH think of this?

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
But the fans aren't unhappy. It's not like the NBA where it's becoming a handful (if that) of title contenders and then everyone else. Nothing needs to change. I agree fan contentment should be #1, but aren't we all already pretty content? At some point the potential harm it does to the players supersedes giving more to the fan, it has to. With all the stuff in recent years about concussions and the toll football takes on the body and the NFL seemingly finally starting to get proactive about it, adding games is hypocrisy at best.
well I don't agree that just because we love it now doesn't mean that we still can't change things for the better...

but yeah, player health would be a legit concern here...

although, they aren't letting up on hits in the preseason, but the starters are only playing half a game at most...

seems like it is the RBs that should be the most concern here...alot of the other positions could add a couple games no problem...
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