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Default Re: 18 game schedule?!?! What does ISH think of this?

Originally Posted by MK2V1GP
that'd take away from the aurora of SUNDAY FOOTBALL! There's NOTHING better than watching football ALL day Sunday, from noon to 11 pm.

You know what's even better than football on Sunday? Having football on Sunday and other days, too.

I don't mind the Thursday/Saturday night games later on in the season...but I wouldnt want it to become an every week thing.

They're not forcing you to watch every game. You can always catch the highlights later.

And, like already mentioned, it would totally screw up all the records.

Who cares? Really? It's not like the records are held in that high regard. Many of the records are from the '80s on up. It's not like they're long standing records.

Also, players might get more exhausted and worn out and the playoffs might not be played at such a high level.

Or, they could get more playing time to other players.
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