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Default Re: DarkSephiroth u should've been @ the NBA Combine

Originally Posted by the_chosen_1
Pretty fair evaluation. You know yourself pretty well.

OP is either hating, or needs to take Dark's dick out of his mouth.

He ain't playing big time ball. He knows how to play ball, nothing more nothing less. He has worked at it and he can step in and play against good amateurs. In Indiana there are million players that never played more than High School that are just as good. I would rate him at a small D3 school or something. Like most of us he is just too small. If he was 6'6" he has the IQ to play college ball somewhere, but he ain't.

Does everybody else suck so bad that they have to hype somebody else up so much or tear them down either way? Competition must be weak in alot of places!

Yeah small D3 school at best is probably the peak of the guy. He said he played at his community college when he was in his college age years so that's pretty good. If he was taller and more athletic, he could maybe play at a higher level.
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