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Thanks everyone who helped, I'm back on the grind and it honestly feels great to be back, those 2 days I took off I was pretty much lost cause I didn't want to do anything besides go to the gym...

Rake2204 - You're definitely right about keeping my priorities straight. Trust me, basketball comes second to school and I make sure my grades are right. My parents pushed that on me early on and it's natural so grades are never a problem for me. I'm working on getting different jobs, volunteer work and other experience so my application remains strong. Basketball is my main priority but I make sure academics are strong.

lilojmayo - I'm really pushing to develop a good shot, I've been putting up alot of shots lately (with good form of course) and it comes more natural now. For me I was never a "bad" shooter, I'm just not a great practice shooter. By that I mean that when I shoot 100 shots I'll probably be on and off and have some good streaks, probably finish around 50/60 on a normal day but when I'm playing in a game I'll hit the shots I take.

Birmingham1955 - thanks, I will continue to work as hard as ever and hopefully smarter as I move on.

KJones - I definitely get where you're coming from about love and passion for basketball. When I look back now at my first post I feel like I was sending out the wrong message, I'm not tired of ball now and I can't see me being tired of it for a long time. Towards the beginning of this year I just started to really appreciate the game and I honestly love it.

I don't have personal access to the gym but I pretty much live there anyways, my second home is the local rec center and all the people there know where I am, I've played in that gym since I was in elementary and I have no regrets. Everyday I look forward to playing, it doesn't matter if it's a holiday or some special day. One of the best days this year was my birthday because I went to the gym, finally got my shot form down and had a good workout in. I know I made it sound like I was making sacrifices but I don't feel like I was, it's not a sacrifice for me to get to practice/be around the game. Ironically it's more like me sacrificing basketball to watch some TV, so I avoid that stuff.

devin112 - I'm talking to some of the personal trainers at the Celtics facility and I'm going to start working with one of them next week. I'm also going to try to talk to other people to see about training with them. Thanks for the suggestion.

Swaggin - you're right also, practicing basketball is the last thing from work. Like KJones said it's just more fun to play than to play xbox and stuff. If I'm free, I'm either playing basketball or doing something related to it online or in books/magazines.
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