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Default Re: Most Overrated Recruits Of All-Time

Originally Posted by TheGame414
Such a weird, stupid list.

Your jealousy is sad.

First off, Rick Rickert? He was a pretty good college player who made a mistake in coming out after his sophomore year. He was Big Ten Freshman of the Year and averaged over 15 ppg for two seasons. There's a difference between making a mistake in coming out too early and being one of the most overrated recruits of all time. What an incredibly odd choice. How about looking just a few spots down from where he was ranked in the 2001 RSCI: Carlos Hurt and Jonathan Hargett, a couple of point guards who received a ton of hype that year and never did a thing.
Rick Rickert was portrayed by some as a combo of Kikki Vandeweghe and Larry Bird. Get your head out of your azz.

Second, anyone who makes it to the NBA is more or less immediately disqualified from this discussion. That isn't to say that Randolph and McRoberts weren't overrated, but they're nowhere near any "most overrated all-time" list. OK, maybe Randolph. He did nothing.

That's idiotic. McRoberts was a puss and Randolph flat sucked. Furthermore, it's not like they were playing against the best recruits in college, either. Those guys were going pro instead of enrolling at Ol' State U.
Third, it's like you decided to rip on a bunch of overhyped white guys from Duke and threw in a couple more names just to make it seem less obvious. Don't get me wrong, I have no issue with ripping on overrated white guys from Duke. But if that's what you want to do, how about Chris Burgess? Paulus was certainly overrated but was a four-year starter. Zoubek was a very valuable member of a national champion and one of the three or four best rebounders in college basketball last year. McRoberts was pretty good as a sophomore and made it to the NBA.

It had absolutely nothing to do with "white guys" or "Duke." Your injection of race into a topic in which it has no place is a sad indicator of your true colors. Those are the players who came to mind. I didn't want to list 20-30, so as to spark discussion and let others add names. It wasn't meant for an envious, zelotic blowhard like you to start a confrontation. I'm actually a fan of Duke and greatly respect coach K. Pure coincidence, I guess. Why couldn't you have simply added Burgess and the few others you mentioned earlier without trying to one-up me? I'll tell you why: jealousy. Paulus was the friggin' number 1 PG in the country by some folks. He was so flat terrible, K replaced him with an underclassman before the year was out.

Seriously, was this just thinly veiled Duke hate? Because there's no reason to name Paulus without naming someone like, say, Kelvin Torbert from Michigan State. He was the No. 2 player in the 2001 class and while he became a decent college player, he was never a full-time starter, never averaged 10 ppg and didn't come anywhere near making the NBA. Paulus wasn't even a Top 10 recruit by any major service. And Zoubek was only No. 25 in the 2006 RSCI.
Again, why not just add Tolbert? Why try to paint me as a Duke hater?
See bold, bonehead.
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