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Default Re: Most Overrated Recruits Of All-Time

Axion, you're lucky you were allowed to stick around after your first round of douchebaggery. This was a stupid thread that was poorly thought-out, and I responded at length more than once, explaining why.

If you continue to be a prick, your second tour of obnoxiousness will be cut very short.

Please tell me where Rickert was hyped as another Larry Bird. And even if he was, that's more of a case of idiots breathlessly heaping unrealistic expectations on a kid than him being "overrated." Again, he was a good college player who made a mistake in going pro too early.

And this stupid assertion that Josh McRoberts'- or anyone else's- performance in college is meaningless because a few guys went pro straight out of high can't really believe that, can you? Yes, McRoberts was soft and received plenty of criticism for being so, but again, that's another case of a guy going pro too early. That doesn't make him one of the most overrated recruits ever. He'd have been an All-American had he stayed for his junior year.

This thread's done now. Stop being an ass.

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