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Originally Posted by Younggrease
no matter who you put dirk with, when he gets on the big stage he will just choke or start blaming his teammates for not guarding the other teams power forward better.

AI has achieved more than Dirk in his career....

the funniest part is im defending AI and i have always disliked his game but i respect it

lol man. Dirk guarded Duncan pretty well last week. Dirk didn't even have that bad a series vs Miami (his game 4 stats screwed his overall stats), the Heat were allowed to hack him and yet he's a choker. Blame his teammates? Dallas has the best team chemistry in the NBA by far. Jerry stackhouse, a career cancer, has said he wants to retire a Mav. No one seems to dislike playing with Dirk, the same obviously cannot be said for most other star players
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