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Default us vs. Them a conference struggle

first things first miami heat will crush us bad. The rest of them got better at the very better...think about what good is saying nj nets didn't get lebron if the heat did they still added players. New york has amare ....maybe the chance to get 2 more studs next year in cap space. The raptors trade hedo a horrible contract to say the least.....untradeable right?

this off season we stood very still. The one difference is we got a sg...yes we are desperate to have one....but his weaknesses are shooting and

what does this really equal up to....mid lottery antone if we over achieve...or another high pick? Does this excite us sixer fans these days......does it really?

I m watching this team no doubt about that but I feel like an idiot @ times for doing so. Why not take a freaking flier acquire multiple picks and ride the miami wave out . We don't have one all!

keep our jrue holiday...our turner but other than that why are we hoarding talent we obviously cannot use positively? You know what I'm going to do about it go down. I m gonna play 2k11 and play the dynasty mode keeping our young backcourt together and taking all offers for anyone willing to bite. Hoping one day they figure this out.
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