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Here you go iverson haters

76ers won because they had more quailty players than the nuggets...who cares about iverson being a superstar when he has noone on his team right now that can provide any consitant offense besides boykins(whose shot selction is poor)

the nuggets also started najera at pf...of course the 76ers are gonna dominate the nuggets frontcourt even with camby out there

when the nuggets get melo back their starting line up is one of the best in the league with a good 6th man

Pg iverson
sg smith
sf melo
pf nene
c camby
6th man boykins
7th man evans

but right now they will struggle with no offense besides iverson and occasionly boykins...only nuggets big time homers would have told you they wouldnt

so shut up about nuggets falling 7 games under .500....not gonna happen

be happy that you played the nuggets now and not later cause you guys would get raped
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