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Default Re: Dez Bryant won't allow "rookie hazing"

Him not being a top 10 pick is irrelevant. He could have been the consensus #1 pick and he is subjected to rookie hazing. Everyone before him has been apart of it so Dez shouldnt have an issue with him. I would understand if it was because of who it was not so much what was asked of him to do. Roy Williams is by far one of the most selfish players in the NFL and made that much known in Detroit. He has dogged it in Dallas and here he comes wanting to flex his veteran badge to make a rookie do something. Miles Austin? Fine, no problem. No hesistation. But Roy Williams? Just funny to me. You dont even carry your own f*cking weight in real games and you want me to carry your shoulder pads? Seriously? I'd still do it but it would make me feel some sort of way. If anything just motivate me more to take his job.
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