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Originally Posted by disco
I'm sorry, but I don't think any of these 5 comparisons have any ground at all.

Powe and Sweetney must be a joke. Yes, both dominated in college and aren't tall enough for nba, but that's all. Powe can jump, Sweetney can't. Sweetney has much more raw power while Powe is more agile and moves well. The one thing in common is that they have similar chances in the NBA - to become decent role players.

Thomas vs Swift is a common comparison, but to me doesn't have any validity apart from the fact that both went to LSU. Yes, bot are great athletes, but even now Thomas has a much better undertanding of the game than Swift. Swift was only about the athletic ability, but Thomas clearly gives signs about ability to do much more. He moves much better, and has decent skills that will only improve.

Bargnani is a much better shooter than Villanueva, but simultaniously he can defend centres in the post. He is not as athletic as Villanueva, but can pass the ball better and is a better decision maker.

Arenas was a sg in college, and that makes the Arenas/Washington comparison difficult. Washington has physical ability, but I don't see him as a scorer in the NBA. Actually I don't see him as a much of a NBA player.

Roy reminds me of Ginobili in that both are very versatile. This is probably the best of these comparisons, but Ginobili is a uniques kind of player that doesn't really remind me of anyone.

The only stretch I have there is Washington Jr. to Arenas. That is just because I believe Washington Jr. is a PG who was knocked for not being able to play the position because he isn't a "true point guard". Him and Arenas will both slide into the second round and I believe Washington Jr. will score 20 points a game over his career in the pros. Powe and Sweetney are both dominant low post men who are too short and will never be a KG or Jermaine O'Neil because of their size but can dominate anyone of equal height down low in the post. What do you know about Bargnani anyways? Do you live in Italy or something? I was breaking the ordinary of Dirk Nowitski and Skita to compare him with a 6'11' big man that can shoot. Charlie V can play 3 and 4 and so can Bargnani. I don't buy that Bargnani is a better shooter. Charlie V hit 6 or 7 threes in the game he scored 48 points. Thomas is a player that can do everything well except score. He reminds me of Swift in how athletic they are but have limiting scoring skills. I believe Thomas will be a little better than Swift because of his work ethic and attitude, but I see it as an accurate comparison. Ginuobli and Roy are similar players as well.
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