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Default Re: CLINTON PORTIS- Comeback Player of the Year??

Originally Posted by Stinky Dog
No chance considering how many miles he has on those tires. This guy hit a wall and lacks burst and explosiveness. Is often injured and is at the age where you hit a serious wall. Not to mention the Redskins interior line on paper is subpar. I can't envision more than 1,110 yards on a sub 4.3 ypc. Not sniffing double digit touchdowns either.

Clinton has only missed extended games two seasons of his career. Not sure how that is injury prone. Artis Hicks will now be starting at RG who was good enough to start for Minnesota which had a VERY solid O-line. Our Center Rabach is the weakest link but Dockery should flourish in Shanny's ZBS cuz he's always been nimble.

I see 1,300 yards for Clinton. I'll give you the sub 10 TD's cuz we will be scoring through the air far more often than before and LJ will be cleaning up in the red zone
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