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XBOX Live =

Playstation Network =

Wii Online =

All of that is besides the point (just wanted to throw it out there). Having said that, yes I play XBOX Live. I'll even take it a step further. I'll create three different categories. Let's call them categories 1, 2 and 3 (rocket science huh?). Category 1 being the best XBOX Live games; best meaning superior multi-player fun accompanied by a huge network of players. Category 2 being games you'd imagine would be fun online, but stink. Category 3, my personal favorites, also being the most played (by me).


● Gears of War
● Madden 07
● Rainbow Six Vegas
● Dead or Alive 4
● Tiger Woods (06 or 07)
● Prey
● NBA 2K7 (much improved versus 06)
● Street Fighter II (XBOX Live Arcade)
● Fight Night Round 3


● NBA Live (any version)
● Project Gotham Racing
● F.E.A.R. (being overshadowed by Gears of War)
● Call of Duty (2 or 3)
● Perfect Dark Zero
● Top Spin
● Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
● Moto GP 06
● Saints Row


● Street Fighter II (XBOX Live Arcade)
● Gears of War
● Dead or Alive 4
● Madden 07
● Tiger Woods 06

Extra Credit - of course Halo 3 will murder all other 360 Live games once it floods the streets (or living rooms I should say). I truly enjoy the throw-back classics, such as Street Fighter II. I hope to see more in the future. Maybe Mortal Kombat II. If not in the realm of the 360, I'd love to see games like the original Mario Kart for the SNES or the greatest multi-player game of all time Golden Eye 64 become online accessible. Yes, Golden Eye 64 is Halo's daddy.
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