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Default Re: Wolves trade R.Sessions, R.Hollins to Cavs for D.West, S.Telfair

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
We needed a point that could implement Scott's up-tempo offense, so I like the move. It is also of note that Sessions played well in his backup role with Mo in Milwaukee a few years ago.

I was hoping that we could get Mike Conley. He was my first choice as the guy to come in and run Scott's offense. But, Sessions is certainly a good enough consolation prize, especially considering what we gave up to get him.

West already had one foot out the door and Telfair had no role on this team.

I applaud the move. Good start for Grant in his first real move as GM.
You totally didn't mention Hollins, that's the true consolation prize. A big-man center that can actually run, which we haven't had in...wait, I can't remember.
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