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Originally Posted by Joey Zaza a sidenote, a buyout is the single dumbest thing a team can do.

1. He didnt want to play for the Sixers anymore. And the word is he wasnt being a leader/good sport in the lockeroom. Had a negative attitude.

2. Teams werent offering much for Webber in a trade. Sixers want to clear cap room, take back expirers and that wasnt being offered. They werent going to trade for players who had crappy deals just to move Webber then be forced to shop those players elsewhere defeats the purpose of clearing cap space/rebuilding. Webber's value wasnt great and to move him you had to include a young player which Sixers refused.

3. So now you're sitting there with a player who doesnt have much value in a trade and doesnt care to play anymore for your team. Only option is to let him continue to sit and hope his influence is minimal at best or buy him out.

4. What would Joey ZaZa's do?
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