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Originally Posted by Joey Zaza
. a sidenote, a buyout is the single dumbest thing a team can do.

Not always, and I'd say not in this case. Sure 5 million dollars isn't a ton in NBA terms, but it's still 5 million dollars. Think of it this way, if Webber was a free agent, and you were the sixers GM, would you sign Webber for 2.5 million a year for the next two years? He'd be cheap, but I still wouldn't do it because he makes no sense with regards to the current direction of the team.

Now, the people who say they should keep his contract in the hopes of trading it next year for a disgruntled superstar...there's definitely some truth there. But I get the feeling that NBA GMs don't like keeping disgruntled players like Webber around while they're trying to rebuild.

Of course, if you want to be a hardass GM you simply tell C-Webb to give back 10-15 million if he wants out his contract. Otherwise he can rot on the bench for two years, or get the Tim Thomas treatment when Tim was in Chicago. I think more NBA GMs should take hard lines like this. I guess they're worried about keeping up good player relations, but I think they overdo it. NBA GMs get screwed all the time when they overpay players, but when these same overpaid players become untradeable as a result, they have a tendency to expect a buyout so they can continue their career somewhere more enjoyable. (I'm looking in Alonzo Mourning's direction) Screw you, there's one downside to making sick, sick amounts of money, just one. It makes you untradeable. So unless you're willing to give back a big chunk of change, you can roll around in your millions to offset the suffering of playing on a team going nowhere.
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