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Default Re: ESPN pulls unflattering article about LeBron from website...

Originally Posted by Vancouver-Grizz
Absolutley nothing wrong with that. He did nothing wrong....When we were 25, we all partied like that. Shows LeBron as a human being.

If he was drunk and snortin coke off a hoes ass....That is a completely different situation.

But from the sound of what has happend in this offseason, LeBron really needs to look in to if his friend Maverick if he is really helping him improve his career or leeching off of him every possible way.

Maverick kinda reminds me of Turtle from Entourage who always tried to book Vince at certain night clubs so he gets the spending money and a opportunity to get laid by using LBJ's name.

he's just douchebag, maybe he'll grow out of it. but there's nothing wrong with snortin coke off a hoes ass. everyone should experience that once.
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