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Default Re: Wolves trade R.Sessions, R.Hollins to Cavs for D.West, S.Telfair

Originally Posted by twolvesfan
You guys will be very pleased with Sessions, but do not get your hopes up for Hollins. I am trying not to come across as a hater but Hollins is incredibly annoying to watch him play. We played in a very up-tempo offense last year, which ideally, should of been geared towards Hollins strength. He is one of the dumbest/most clueless players i have ever seen on a basketball court. He gets lost on offense and can't remember defensive assignments to save his life or even rotate on defense very well. He has absolutely no post game and he will either try to pump fake the ball and shoot a jump shot or pass it right away. He also cannot rebound well at all, which is astounding for someone his size.

The upside to Hollins (if there is any) is that he is super athletic and will throw down highlight reel dunks with somewhat of a consistency. The only problem with this is that no matter how many points you are down by he will flail his arms and yell at the top of his lungs like his dunk brought the team back into the game.

To sum all this up, Hollins has never been even decent (even in college he wasn't any good) but teams will continue to give him chances thinking it will all suddenly click in his head due to his athleticism and dunking ability.
The highlight dunks were great last year and it was funny as hell when they had him talk about his dunks during halftime because they had nothing else to talk about. They were trying to look at the bright side of all of the losing I guess.

"Hey, at least we have a guy who can dunk!"
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