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Marbury PG
Crawford SG
Lee SF
Frye PF
Curry C
That is not a good starting rotation because crawford is stupid streaky and defense is weak... Marbury defense as well is well ummm... You at most will have a 9 man rotation on any given night for any given team baring injury and foul trouble... Also there are things called matchups that determine minutes as well... With that said...
Q has to start provided he is healthy... I just cant see Curry and Frye co-existing right now because they crowd the paint as of now so it should be Frye coming off the bench.... Lee starts at the 4.
James was signed because the Knicks had no center and they wanted him to clean up off the glass, be a presence in middle... Then the deal came up for Curry O well James is signed Curry health was a slight concern no problem we have James...
Francis is at home the same way Penny was sent home and soon to be there permantley.
I would rather see this starting 5:
Great Defense with people who can hit open shots when Curry is doubled

Basketball and Baseball are totally different sports and can not be compared... In Baseball like the Yankees its easier to get rid of a bad deal than in B-Ball....

LouV your theory on basketball championships is flawed because there are too many other factors that way in... Injuries and other great teams...

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