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Default Re: Most Overrated Recruits Of All-Time

Originally Posted by ukfan22
Those guys were pretty much all great college players. How about:

Ndudi Ebi
Malik Hairston
Robert Swift
Gerald Green
Javaris Crittenton
Bill Walker
Telfair (I agree)
BJ Mullens

Those were all top 10 guys coming out of HS.

McRoberts, Paulus, and Randolph never turned out to be great college players. And keep in mind, McRoberts was the Gatorade High School Player of the Year.

And isn't this supposed to be a thread about overrated recruits for colleges? Not overrated guys who jumped from high school to the NBA?

For all his fanfare, Marvin Williams college career wasn't the greatest, but I bet it would have been if he stayed even one more year.
Taylor King, he hasn't done much of anything after playing in the McD's All-American game.
Vernon Macklin was supposed to be an absolute beast on any level, he's turned into an average to good university player, which isn't great considering he was supposed to be one of the next great bigs in the L.
DeAndre Jordan and B.J. Mullens never lived up to the hype in college.
Derrick Caracter, he was a huge disappointment at Louisville, probably one of the most talented bigs in his high school class.
Malik Hairston is probably the biggest disappointment, "I"m going to Carmelo-ize the Ducks".
Rudy Gay had a very unassuming career in university for all the hype attributed him.

Some that I got, remember, that's all based on their college career. Not what they did afterwards.

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