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Originally Posted by Jasper
As this is a rebuilt team and chemistry is a priority - look for the Heat to make a trade or acquire a player before the Feb 2011 deadline.

They'll see how things play out , but I expect tweaking before the feb deadline.
And I would not rule out a popular face either... as vet help.
Do you have anyone specifically on mind?

And Eddie House signing is a very good one, good hustle player and a good scorer off the bench.

Heat are still looking into the possibility of signing Tracy McGrady. I really don't think McGrady would wanna come here after what he said, but if he realizes there's no team out there that will believe that he's still the T-Mac from a few years ago then he should be a decent signing. Come on Tracy. You're gonna end your virginity and in a big way too. (Possibly win a title.)
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