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Originally Posted by BradMiller52
That should def. be the plan. Give Kevin a season as the #1 guy, get cap space to sign a defensive PG like Billups, get a high pick to draft a Kevin Durant or a Brandan Wright(we won't be able to get G. Oden), and make a come back next season. Kenny, Mike, Ron, SAR, Brad, all need to go for cap space. They don't fit, they're all average/below average players or wannabe #1 guys who could help a contender. We need the cap space to sign some defensive players, a pick to get another franchise type player, and the cap space can also help us sign the role players we don't have.

On a good team they have guys who do a specific job or two, who are supposed to leave the offensive load to the main guys but they can contribute on offense when open. Just look at the Mavs, their offense comes from Nowitzki, Terry, and Howard. But they have other guys who can contribute when open too, like George and Stackhouse can hit open 3 pointers they get and Harris and Stackhouse can also create their own shot. They have guys who are specifically on that team to play D, block shots, rebound, like Diop and Dampier.

Where are our role players who come in specifically as a spot up shooter and defender? Where is our #1 guy? Where is our shotblocking and rebounding? It's simple, we don't have any. We have a bunch of guys who can hit an open jumper, Brad-can hit an open jumper and pass, Mike-can hit an open jumper and pass, Ron-can play in the post but prefers not to, Kenny-can't hit an open jumper, or lay up for that matter. Well who is going to get these guys open shots? We don't have a #1 option(yet, Kev might develope but probably not as long as Mike is the point guard) and we don't have an offense because Musselman doesn't know how.

You can't score, well you have to be a good defensive team then. Too bad Ron and Salmons(to a lesser extent) are our only good defenders who can get a stop. Everybody on this team is slow and we can't hit a shot so we get killed in transition. Your offense sucks and you turn to long jumpers after a bunch of dribbling 1 on 1 and you end up creating long rebounds so the other teams guards get up the court even faster. Even if this team gets back on D they are always disorganized because they're defensively retarded so the defense is scrambled. Our front line consists of guys who are either unathletic, short, or washed up.

Basically if we were able to get a defensive PG, a new PF who blocks shots and can play offense, sign a new center who blocks, and get someone on the FA market like James Posey to come off the bench to defend and knock down an open 3 then we'd be a much better team.

Basically this team is a jumbled mess of average or slightly above average talent that has no game plan.
A great post by a great poster ^

The whole argument about having role players who are specialists is what makes the difference between a contender and just an good/average team. The team that made it to the WCF had specialists. It had the lockdown defenders (Jackson and Christie), 3 point shooters (Peja, Bibby, Turk), Hustle Guys (J-Jackson, B Jackson, Pollard, Christie), Scorers (Bibby, Peja, B Jack), and a Superstar (Webbber). It had great veteran leadership from Vlade, Funderburke, and Webber. Each player had a clearly defined role and their was a consistent, logical, and efficient system put in place by the coaching staff.

The problem with the Kings is that they tried to rebuild on the go and it didn't work out well. As soon as the Kings traded Webb, they went into rebuilding mode and instead of going young and rebuilding from scratch, they tried to bring in decent players and guys who were entering the last leg of their career (SAR, Corliss). They also tried to take risks on unwanted players like Artest, Mobley, and Bonzi which turned out to work out well for them and allowed the Kings to stay competitive even though none of the new pieces meshed well together.

Every good team has a superstar (on most elite teams the best offensive player is also the best defensive player like Duncan, Kobe, etc.) surrounded by role players (Bowen, Posey, Stackhouse, Price, etc.) who do what they are good at. The Kings need to rebuild while keeping peices that show potential to become solid players. Kev Martin is a legit scorer and Salmons has the potential to become a DChristie type player (a versatile swingman who can handle the ball and is a good defender). Garcia has shown the ability to become a good shooter as had Douby. The Kings should try to move their big contract guys like Bibby, Artest, Thomas, and Miller for younger guys, draft picks, and capspace so they can rebuild around the youth.
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