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Default Re: Jonas Valanciunas - possible top 5 pick

Originally Posted by madmax
the irony of them all is that this Euro kid plays nothing like Dirk or other typical Euro His game is as american as it comes

Players who develop in Europe are pretty different though. You have Ibaka and you're going to see Pekovic this year who you wont think is typical euro either.

No matter what you think of them big white guys from Europe who can shoot has a spot in the league. Dirk, Danilo, Bargnani are all big wing/face up players who can shoot. It happens at young age here, look at this 7feet 15year old winning 3-point competitions at major Euro tournaments:

You have to give them and the European development system credit, you don't see too many american 6-10+ white guys who can shoot like the Euros and be NBA rotational players.
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