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well this team to me is really awful i mean we are flat out disgraceful when it comes to basketball.... I mean its so good to see Bibby actually hittin a shot these days but we are still losing. As you all can see the gap between the 8th spot and lower seeds is becoming bigger and bigger... i dnt kno if this team can stomach/hold out for the deadline. And quite frankly i really dnt wanna see what "moves" geoff might pull because obviously we wont get anything just like always...i can see kenny pot hart mo and corliss all being moved but then we still look like crap after the dead line

i mean call me crazy but if this ron artest thing isnt working out and so on ...the only deal i can see happening is if we trade artest and mo for bynum rodman and turiaf ...we finally get the bigs we need wit blocking ability ..youth movement and we get a younger better basketball player healthier peja

i'm a fan of sheed but reality kicks in and says to me .....the guy doesnt and will not help us out neither does haywood if we was to aquire sheed i would much rather have a younger guy with him as his duo ..someone like bynum
sheed is in the same state as sheed both are old guys who still can playball a little

i keep preachinn that when are we going to catch a huge break like other teams do...cavs lebron heat wade denver carmelo toronto bosh etc.
and its not like we dnt have the luck or what ever u wanna call it.....we just have a retarted leader at the helm who wont allow things to unfold for the better and is making decisions from his own personal and gut feelings instead of whats best for the team
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