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Originally Posted by ChanningShamgod
Good start. We just beat two terrible teams (Portland and Philly) and one team that went to sleep (Seattle). Did anybody watch these games? The Knicks are like the Harlem Globetrotters - they look great until you realize who they're playing against. Here are the standings in the East so far:

1. Cleveland 22-12
2. Orlando 22-14
3. Detroit 20-13
4. Toronto 16-20
5. Washington 20-14
6. Chicago 20-16
7. Indiana 20-16
8. Milwaukee 16-19
9. Miami 15-19
10. New Jersey 15-19
11. New York 16-21

Now, I think Cleveland, Orlando, Detroit, Toronto, and Washington have basically secured their spots with solid teams. And you know Miami and New Jersey are getting in somehow. So I ask, how are the Knicks getting into the play-offs when the east really isn't as wide open as people make it seem? Based on my estimation, the Knicks will be playing Chicago, Milwaukee, and Indiana for that final spot. Anybody feel good about this?

Well for one the atlantic division we are in isn't exactly a powerhouse. Also if i stand corrected we have beat each of the "better" teams in the east. Also NY,NJ,Toronto only have a game difference in standings. Jersey might do some trading. They need help with those injuries. Toronto has alot of question marks, since the roster is relatively new together and have to understand their roles. We have gotten past the role issue. We also have Marbs playing within himself now since there isn't any distractions named francis around. Our key is to stay healthy. We are young now. We look good, not great but good. As a token whomever win the division is in. Hopefully we can improve our record and don't rely on that. But right now the Knicks look good. And for some strange reason Zekeand his dealings might, just might be making sense after all. He might be around just a little while longer. he sure have them looking fun to watch now and the Garden crowd is appreciating it. i sure do.
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