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The only thing C Webb wants to ride is an expensive car and groom his hair.

He is not that kind of player.

With his skills he should be a hall of fame player but is not.

I don't think he took it to the next level as a professional like Barkley, Duncan and Dr. J did.

Same for KG and J O'Neal. They are missing something. Maybe if they were surrounded by better talent it would be different.

That's one reason I like the Knicks the way they are. They have a lot of really good players who are going to get better. You don't need a Jordan to win, you have to stop the superstars on the other team and you will beat them. That's what the Pistons of Isiah's era did.

That's how I see this team, shutting down the other teams superstar and going at them from different directions starting with Curry. That's why it's so important for Curry to learn how and what to do against the double teams.

Once Curry becomes a better all around player you have an unstoppable inside outside game. Frye can hit that jump shot so if Curry kicks it out at least 3 other guys can score from the medium range jump shot and 2 from longer range.

That's a well balanced all starts in the middle.
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