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Default Frye can shoot

Originally Posted by jlawdrummer
honestly, you can't forget about frye as a shooter. He showed he is a great shooter, and he was draining shots from all over the court last night. Don't count out Channing as a shooter, and then with frye, Qrich, and occasional marbury(when he's open he can hit it), they do have shooters. Sure it's not Allan Houston, but they can shoot.

Your right Frye is possibly the 4rd best big shooter in da league(JO,KG,Dirk)...
But the fact that Frye can shoot doesnt help curry... cuz when they swing the ball the 3,2,1 gets the ball not the 4 u get me? unless frye comes to the free throw line when curry is double teamed him being able to shoot wont help...Fye's game is at its peak during pick and rolls or on the post...we need a 3 that can defend rebound and stroke the ball( basically an allstar lol). And lee at the 3 would be the best rebounder in da league, a decent defender but a good help defender, and would be a better shooter if he actually shot the ball.

but yeh frye can shoot but i mean shooters that can help Curry.
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