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Default True but soon itll be better

Originally Posted by bigdaddybluesman
I like the team the way it is.

We have a rotation and stability.

Yes there are a few things that need to improve but they are.

I don't think this team will ever be a great shot blocking team but if they play the intense high energy defense they need to, blocking shots is not as important.

The weakness on this team right now is help defense and shot blocking. I see a big improvement on the defensive end and they are helping each other and talking much more than ever before.

The next step is to get the bigs into that dominating mentality, that brings the shot blocking. Refusal to let people into your paint.

I personally think that Eddy is beyond saving on blocking shots...he'll peak at 8 rebounds a game throughout a season and i guess ill have to take it cuz he can become a 24 points per game kinda guy.

But FRYE will be a shot blocking presence in some time...itll take time till the refs give him calls cuz these days refs treat the game like a f*&^ing popularity contest...but when Frye will stamp himself in da league he can be 1 block per game kinda guy or more...he is a good help defender(especially when Lee is on da floor).

I believe that Jared Jeffries is our best defender by far as in versatility but our best defensive line up is when he's on da bench. Just remember the D we played during the suspensions and guess what....Lee and Frye were the difference makers...Curry kills the grove on D but Zeke like the rest of NY is on his balls so i gotta deal with it..Cuz if he played D he would be the best Center in da east(BY FAR)
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