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I agree, Frye is potentialy a very good shot blocker. It takes a little help from the refs but it's all about timing and that will come.

Curry seems like he has a little fire. His ego is as big as he is and that might be his motivation toward greatness.

I am a musician and ego is what makes a great performer, ego out of control is what destroys you.

I think one way you can judge the talent on your team is who would want to trade for your players. I think any team in the league would want Frye, Lee and now maybe Curry. I know I would if I were building a team.

Curry is not a jumper, he's a slasher like Q. Frye and Lee are more jumpers and that's one reason Lee is such a good rebounder. That's why I say Frye can be a great shot blocker someday. Balkman is also a jumper, Crawford kind of floats in the air. Marbury is kind of like a bulldog.

I like that kind of diversity in their styles and makes for an interesting and flexible team.
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