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Default Re: Should the Sixers have traded Andre Igoudala?

I'm mixed.

I say yes because the cap space will be valuable. You weren't gonna get too far under the cap if you traded him at the deadline and even if you did, the big free agents were going to come here anyway.

The goal would be to build your younger players for the next year, try to move Brand's contract at the next deadline (which probably won't happen) but let your other expiring deals go and make a run at the 2011 crop of FAs.

I say no because Coach Collins REALLY loves Iggy. I'm excited to see how he can influence him. I'm not convinced that either one can bring us a championship anytime soon (if at all) but its a step in the right direction. Iggy was a much better player with Andre Miller next to him and now that Jrue is a year older, wiser and running the show as the point guard, I think Iggy can get back on track of playing the way he should be instead of the way he thinks he can. Slash, kick, defend and please for the love of GOD stay inside the 3-point arc!!!
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