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Originally Posted by shp.jc
We need.

* Consistent defense.
* Better 3 point shooters.
* For Curry to improve his passing.
* For Jamal to exhibit better shot selection. The volume shooting has to stop.

Shot blocking would be nice, but we're right now the best rebounding team in the NBA...I wouldn't want to lose that.

i will adress all the above....
1) Our defense looks bad because of our "unforced" turnovers.
2) Q is lights out from that spot. Most contenders only have 1 true 3 point shooter. Q is ours. Actually Nate Rob can knock them down too, but not like Q.
3) Agree 100%. it's not all his fault though. We got to have better spacing on the floor. He has to pass as soon as the double comes.
4) This issue wasn't a problem when Crawford was our sixth man.

Shot blocking is vastly overrated now a days. Most Shot blockers now don't even know how to position the ball so that their team members can get a handle on it. Great shot blocking involves altering the shot to your teammates or if your adept like Mutumbo or mourning get it to yourself. It either flies out of bounds or in the opponents hand a again for a three point play because everyone is out of position trying to get the ball.
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