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Originally the thread starter was looking for a trade of Frye and others for O'neal. My point is he isn't worth that. He still isn't worth that much. The reason why i wouldn't do this trade is mainly because O'neal has to have the ball at least 12 seconds of the clock each possesion. he is a good player but he would not fit here at all. Our offense would as bad as our alleged defense with him here. we would have four guys standing around waiting to see what O'neal MIGHT do.
Just wondering and I'm not trying to argue here ALB, but have you noticed that O'neals turnovers, assists and fouls are just about all 3 each. He hogs the ball to pad his stats. He is overrated man. Although you have to be basing your suggestion of JO for the last 3 years. His career averages aren't very good. And that's not including his non-playing Portland days as a rook.

P.S. Could use those blocked shots. Hey guess what another 3!!!!
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