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I think Marbury took his head out of his butt. I think after 2 years and about 5 coaches telling him the same thing not to mention all the losing he has done he woke up.

Francis is gone, I don't believe for a minute he will ever wear a knick uniform again.:)

As for James I thought I saw him at a Micky D's wolfin' down big Mac's.:rollingeyes:

He left a $200 tip.

He too will never wear a Knick uniform unless we have a lot of injuries.

I think Isiah is waiting for the 10 day contract period to sign 2 players to fill out the roster.

Malik Rose is a player coach and emergency player. He's not a cancer, he's a plus for this young group of big men the Knicks have. He's just a poor passer...

You know Zeke is eying a point guard in the draft........and maybe a pure shooter.

Look for a deal but not now. Before the draft or during, I'm sure he has something up his sleeve. I think he will be the Knicks coach/GM for a while.

This team needs stability and direction. Something it hasn't had for a long time.

He better not trade Lee or Frye or even Balkman. I will find him and cut
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