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Originally Posted by NashIzGod
Watcha all think of the TNT postgame and halftime? In the postgame, Barkley came up with every reason alive not to give Nash the MVP. He said that Dirk deserved it last year.

Barkley kept contradicting himself. He kept saying that Dirk deserved it in 2005 since he had a better record than Nash. However, he said that Shaq deserved it over Nash in 2004. Although, I believe, Phoenix had the best record that year.

More Barkley crap:

"Reporters are full of it" (for their MVP votes)
"Cleveland is a terrible team" (cuz PHX was smakin' them)

The Nash hatefest continues. WTF are people gonna do when PHX wins it all?????

Don't tell me you believe Nash deserved both those MVPs. 1 is even stretching it, but 2? Dirk deserved it last year. Since Nash got it, Dirk should be a no brainer pick this year, if the Mavs end up with the best record.
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