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Default Re: Tolliver picks Wolves, mocks LeBron with spoof

Originally Posted by Team_Hollywood
When is this nonsense going to stop? The hate for LeBron is pathetic, almost sad. You guys realize LeBron doesn't give a shit about any of you right? Is going to be sweet when all the haters are watching LeBron raise that trophy. To all the butt hurt fans/staff/haters: 'Get over it'.


when are you going to realize that LEBRON JAMES is NEVER GOING TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP, no matter what team he is on, when this contract expires in 6 years, LeBron is going to join the Celtics like SHAQ as a role player off the bench for one last chance to win a championship

Kobe Bryant>>>>>>>LeBron James
Dwight Howard>> LeBron James
Kevin Durant>>> Lebron James

as long as these guys play in the NBA, LeBron aint winning sh!t, and niether will his teammates, whoever they are

LeBron James = Joe Johnson
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