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Originally Posted by NashIzGod
How could Nash "not be deserving" of it last year? His numbers were GREAT for an NBA PG. Solid scoring. #1 Assist man. Easily one of the 5 best shooting gaurds in the league. Everyone predicted PHX to bust w/o Amare. Yet, Nash led PHX to the division title, #2 or #3 seed in the tough West, and took PHX to the Western Conference title.

Very few NBA PGs have had such a combination of stats and wins in a year.

I never said his numbers were bad. Last year Nash did what no one expected. He took an Amare-less suns team to the conference finals which is absolutely remarkable. His numbers were up and they were once again incredible.

But Dirk had as good a season, a better record, and a supporting cast no better than Nash.
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