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Kobe had a great season last year and made history, thats true. He also took 27 shots a game and people questioned if he was making his teammates better. I think even Kobe fans will now agree that "Kobe ball" isn't the best way for the Lakers to succeed. He's playing much better team ball this year and it has shown in their W-L column. He has a much better chance of winning it this year although his defense was been downright crappy this season. I know his knee's are 100% but it's kind of shocking to see him get killed so much with his defense this year. Admittedly, his controversial reputation defineitly hurts his chances of winning the MVP.

But let's please not forget that Lebron did 31-7-7 and he was 20 years old for part of the season. He was playing for a very inexperienced coach, with a bunch of teammates who had no real successful veteran experience and they still got their 50 wins. How is that even possible for a 20 year old? 31-7-7 might not be done for a long time. Seriously, one of the main arguments people used for him not winning it, was "well, he has a bunch of years to win it later on", which is stupid. I would have had no problem with him winning, although Nash was fine choice as well.

In closing, I think the whole MVP award isn't as important as people make it out to be though. We all know who the best players in the league are and it's about winning and winning in the playoffs.
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