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Originally Posted by FabCasablancas
Kobe sucked the seaosn before without Phil Jackson. Yes Kobe scored a lot.. but he did nothing else. Phil Jackson set it up where Kobe did all the scoring and everyone else did all the dirty work. Phil did this to get Kobe's obession with stats out of his system.

Did you ever see BREWSTER'S MILLIONS with Richard Pryor? That was Kobe last seasons. Kobe was Richard Pryor and Phil Jackson was the old rich white uncle who left Kobe points instead of millions.. Phil was trying to get the scoring out of Kobe's system just like the old rich guy was tyring to get the need to spend money out of Pryor's character.

The point is that Kobe's scoring was a creation of Phil Jackson to try to make him into a team player and to win even with his selfishness. That's no MVP. Kobe's teammates made Kobe better not the other way around.. they were the ones creaitng offense for him by setting screens and Odom creating shots for Kobe.. I think since Phil jackson has been back to the Laker that Odom has been the Lakers true MVP not Kobe. I think even Kobe realized this and it caused him to try to play more like Odom did last season.

fab, you love speculating sh!t dont you? because it flows right with your agenda.
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