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I don't know how much Florida State dominating the ACC, in and of itself in the 1990's means, in terms of historical relevance stacked up against that of other elite programs, and I was a huge FSU fan until about 2000 (when they were playing Oklahoma in the national title game and I barely watched because Illinois' Big Ten basketball opener was also on TV, I realized that though I knew Illinois always came first, I couldn't continue to be a fan of two different football programs).

Though Florida State was awesome, to be sure, and one of the two best programs of the decade along with Nebraska, the ACC was by no means anywhere near the same level as the Pac-10, Big Ten, Big 8/XII, or SEC. Or even the Big East, really. It was a fairly bleak picture after Florida State, with no program coming all that close to sustaining any extended run of national relevance during FSU's run, though UNC under Mack Brown flirted with it.
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