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Originally Posted by NashIzGod
Watcha all think of the TNT postgame and halftime? In the postgame, Barkley came up with every reason alive not to give Nash the MVP. He said that Dirk deserved it last year.

Barkley kept contradicting himself. He kept saying that Dirk deserved it in 2005 since he had a better record than Nash. However, he said that Shaq deserved it over Nash in 2004. Although, I believe, Phoenix had the best record that year.

More Barkley crap:

"Reporters are full of it" (for their MVP votes)
"Cleveland is a terrible team" (cuz PHX was smakin' them)

The Nash hatefest continues. WTF are people gonna do when PHX wins it all?????

Clown you need to just stop with this nonsense.

Barkley gave Nash plenty of respect, just becuase he felt Dirk was more deserving that makes it hating?

Stop twisting Barkleys words and taking them out of context to start sh*t. Barkley's "the voters are full of it" has NOTHING to do with Nash winning, he said that way later, about the potential situation of voters NOT voting for Nash because they don't want to give him three straight. So actually his "voters are full of it" means if people don't vote for Nash this year SIMPLY because he already has two, that's stupid. So do you get it moron? HE'S HELPING OUT NASH HERE BY SAYING HE SHOULDN'T LOSE VOTES SIMPLY BECAUSE HE WON TWO STRAIGHT ALREADY. Barkley showed PLENTY PLENTY of respect for Nash all show and only said Dirk deserved it more last year. This year he said it will probably come down to Nash and Dirk.

In fact, the very first thing he said on the show was a compliment to Nash. I don't know if you're really that stupid to misinterpret all the stuff Barkley said or you're just blatantly trying to twist words to start a heated debate. But regardless you're pathetic.

The amount of stupid on this board is amazing.

I hope most of you guys don't buy this guy's crap, if you didn't see the show and read his post, you'd think Barkley was anti Nash.

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