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Originally Posted by insidehoops
So if you disagree with an award, but it's old news, then you're "hating?"

So if something is more than 2 years old, you have to agree with it, or else you're a "hater?"

Not sure about this logic.

now you are over-simplifying it.

The better question should be why is it always a topic with him?

And my logic is such that he still keeps bringing up, even though the topic was discussed ad nauseum on several different occasions.

Chuck can't help himself.

He's hating in the sense that he always needs to downgrade Steve's performance in some way. Even when Steve epitomizes unselfishness by distributing 21 assists in a lop-sided victory against the best team in the East, old Chuckster is hating on him about not deserving an award that other's gave to him.
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