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the above groups are from the golden era (late eighties early nineties). The production value was good enough to seperate itfrom Old School and give it a little more quality, and it was still underground enough to be out of the top forty for the most part and out of the glare of the mainstream media. The best era for hip hop, can never go back unfortunately, the game has changed too much.

I loved my Snoop and Dre and Biggie back when they came out after and blew up like mad (whatever happen to Craig Mack by the way? That song 'Flava in your Ear' (killer beat) was hot as fire when it dropped, but he never surfaced again), and I have respect for all the big names since, a lot of dope shiiit and great MCs for sure (too many to name).

Hip Hop is still great but now that it is the preminent music form in the collective consciousness it just doesn't have the same glow. Does anyone else feel this way or am I just one of those guys that likes things less when they become popular to a larger majority.
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