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Originally Posted by L4k</3F4n-Angels
All we need is a point guard that can shoot 3's pretty average, passes good, plays defense and can rebound and score in the paint..hmm Aundre Miller? Sasha, Walton, Smush, Kwame, Cook, Bynum, these guys will be better next year! the only reason we lost to the Suns is because Smush coulldnt make nothing in that series, he had one game where he scored 20+ and then everyother game was terrible.

C Kwame
PF Odom
SF Walton
SG Kobe
PG Miller

Your gonna have 3 good passers on your team Odom Walton and Miller, you cant go wrong with this and everybody rebounds on this team

well, denver wants to get rid of martin and miller. in fact, they said that they got to the point where if its possible, they're willing to just give martin up. so maybe in a 3 way deal, lakers could pick up miller/martin without trading lamar
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