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Default fellow knick fans

What's up!!!! been running through the main NBA forum and the topics have generated lots of posters. There was on that has gotten me a little fired up.

Ranking Curry as a center. I do believe he should be in top 5. Most guys occupying that position such as a dwight howard, JO, TD are forwards. There has even been a raised eyebrow to giving the nod to Mehmet Okur>Curry. There aren't that many true center in the league nowadays.

My personal ranking is ...
1) Shaq. Even injured he is better than the rest. To me he will fall out of 1 when he puts up the shoes.
2) Yao. he will eventually get no. 1. His height is what makes him good. He has very little fundamentals, if he were 6'11-7'0 his shot would get blocked every game.
3) Stoudemire actually is a center so he gets number 3. Bad knees keeps him from being no 2.
4) gotta give it to the dude no one knows how old he is. Dikembe. doing it big with Yao being out.
5) Curry is no. 5. Those double teams he is commanding is proof enough to me on that.
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