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Originally Posted by knickscity
i will adress all the above....
1) Our defense looks bad because of our "unforced" turnovers.
2) Q is lights out from that spot. Most contenders only have 1 true 3 point shooter. Q is ours. Actually Nate Rob can knock them down too, but not like Q.
3) Agree 100%. it's not all his fault though. We got to have better spacing on the floor. He has to pass as soon as the double comes.
4) This issue wasn't a problem when Crawford was our sixth man.

Shot blocking is vastly overrated now a days. Most Shot blockers now don't even know how to position the ball so that their team members can get a handle on it. Great shot blocking involves altering the shot to your teammates or if your adept like Mutumbo or mourning get it to yourself. It either flies out of bounds or in the opponents hand a again for a three point play because everyone is out of position trying to get the ball.
We're near the bottom of the leage in 3pt % at 32.1%.

Q has been hitting 40% from downtown, so for the team average to be only 32, someone's chucking up shots they shouldn't be. Starbury and Robinson are 33.3% and 33.8% respectively...still higher than the team average. (Francis is 37.9 when he plays).

Who's bringing it down? Crawford. He's only 29.9% and shoots a lot of them (5.5 vs. 4.5 for Q).

As for defense, you're right about our turnovers: we drop the rock 16.1 pg...bottom of the league. But our opposing TO stat is only 13.5, bottom of the league and showing steals as another gap in our defensive capability (someone's already mentioned blocks).

In FG% terms, we give up and shoot about 45.5%, probably thanks to Lee and Curry -- I don't know what our number would be without Crawford jacking up shoots but hitting at only 38.6%.

We also give up 36% from 3pt and 101.9 a game, both in the bottom third of the league. We only score 99.6 points by the way, not a point differential that says Championship Team.

So I still believe what I said:
* Our turnovers have to improve, and I believe Eddy leads the team.
* Our 3pt shooting has to improve; this would be helped if Jamal (who seems like a great, articulate guy) would stop jacking up shots as he's definitely dragging down our average.
* Our defense must be more consistent. (Crawford leads the team in steals.)

If Thomas can tweak these areas and get the team a few notches better in some of these key categories, I think we'd be a team that worried opponents. Right now most probably figure they'll take their chances.
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