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Originally Posted by hotsizzle
to a degree, i think hes firing up the team. i wouldnt have went to the "It's frustrating, but I think everybody's goal has to be winning, and I don't think it is." but like petrie said...that frustration shows that they care. that last quote should speak volumes to the team.
BS!! sizzle!! ...bibby is becoming a lockerroom cancer...but he's not a bad guy at all he just needs a change of scenery in my view...bibby is a very good player but i just think his time is up and were going in a different direction and doesnt invlove bibby

as for petrie, this guy has to be the most retarted stupid person in the whole town of sacramento really ...(thank God i dnt live there cant take that sh^t any more) the guy would make excuses to save his life.....he always makes them because he tries to convince him self that this team can win because he put it together!! .... he's making his own gut household decisions and not coming together with Muss (who i may add IS THE COACH!!!) and putting pieces of the puzzle together properly.

they need to come together and say ..well this is what it is these players are on block, i can get this for this player, they wont give up this player unless we add this player, how do u feel about this Muss?? .... give me some players u would like to see on this team who u feel can help us win games blah blah!! none of this is going on and its pissing me off !!!
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