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Well, it looks like it is official. I think it's a good move. We can't really go wrong with signing a guy like McGrady for the minimum. I've said it a million times now, any team should have wanted him for that kind of investment. The nice thing in Detroit is even if we move Rip or Tay there's still enough depth at the 2 and 3 that if McGrady doesn't work out it doesn't matter. They'll make up that contract in the initial ticket sales fairly easily. If he comes back this year and plays at 80%-85% of what he was than this is an amazing deal. If he can be that guy who we can just give the ball to when we need a bucket that would be huge. If we look at this honestly, when can we say was the last time we had a guy on the team with scoring potential like this? Maybe Grant Hill in his prime before the injury. It'll be interesting to see if he can make a decent comeback this year. It actually intrigues me a bit for this season.

I actually like how Joe D takes these types of gambles. It's low risk with a potential for a high pay out. McGrady isn't going to want to leave the league on a bad note. He was too good of a player for too many years. He's going to want to prove to everyone he still has something left in the tank. I'm sure from a mental standpoint he'll be able to do so. It's the physical aspect that we need to happen for us. As long as his body lets him do some of the things he used to he'll be a nice addition.
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