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Default Re: Now that that's out of the way...

Now that the McGrady deal is out of the way...... where do you guys think Rip or Tay ends up? I like Krstic and Fesenko but there's no way we should send talent like Rip or Tay for them. This isn't a fire sale. Even someone like Przybilla would be a stretch for those two. Biedrins was someone who was rumored last year. I could actually see that deal happening now. They would want Tay for sure since they need a SF more than anything. They have Udoh and Lee can play C sometimes too even though he's small for the spot. Plus Biedrins doesn't seem happy there and they don't seem to want to keep him around. He's a 10 and 10 kind of guy who shoots a high FG%. He's pretty big and plays pretty good D. That's what I look for in a center. The fact that he's still pretty young is nice too. We could have him, Charlie, Monroe, and possibly Jerebko which would be a nice young front line to build around. That's about the only person I can think of off the top of my head that would make sense at this point.
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