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Default Re: Potential New Owner

What people need to understand (fans, radio callers, et cetera…) is that the Palace is part of the deal in buying the Pistons. We are one of the few teams that own our own building - FREE AND CLEAR. most other franchises have to have votes and such and receive funding from taxes, city grants, loans, et cetera… just to build a building. Mr. Davidson built the Palace out of his own pocket, and promptly paid off his debt.
Ilitch would be an idiot to buy the Pistons, a transaction which would include the Palace, and not use it. Horrible business decision it would be and the taxpayers and voters would pretty upset to have to pay for a new arena when he would already own a world class building, free and clear…

What would be a more likely scenario would be he move the Red Wings into the Palace. There has been talk the past few years of the Red Wings having a new arena, and the dilemma has been where is the money going to come from? A purchase of the Pistons would be a fast seamless way to an arena…
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